Ultra Tune Automotive Service is the premier service shop for brake repair and service in Maple Ridge . While it is obviously very important to keep your entire vehicle in good repair, there is nothing more important for a driver’s peace of mind than knowing that their brakes are going to work properly when they need them to. Here at Ultra Tune Automotive Service , we are dedicated to providing the very best service to all of our Maple Ridge customers, using high quality factory parts, and with a quick turnaround on all brake repairs. We are offering a 50% discount on brand name brake pads. Available for most vehicles.
Please call us for an appointment if you require any of the following brake services:

Signs of Brakes Failure

If your brakes are beginning to fail, there could be a number of different problems. There can be a variety of different warning signs, depending on which part of your brake system needs to be repaired.

Are your brakes seems to be getting less responsive?

Some people describe this as their brakes feeling like they are “floating” or “fading.” This is a sign of a leak somewhere in your brake system – either there is an air leak in the brake hose, or your brakes are leaking brake fluid. This is obviously an extremely dangerous situation, and you should not drive if you notice your brakes behaving in this way.

Do your brakes shake, vibrate or pulse?

When your brake pads cannot get an even grip on your rotors, it will cause the brakes to shake or push back at your foot. This generally means your rotors will need to be replaced. It can be dangerous to drive in these conditions, so we recommend getting this looked at as soon as possible.

Are your brakes are screeching or grinding?

This usually means your brake pads need to be replaced. If you hear a high pitched screeching noise when you brake, this means that your pads are wearing down. If the screeching sound has been replaced by a louder grinding sound, this means that your brake pads have worn all the way through and are actually grinding against your rotors. If your brakes make any unusual noises, bring them in to be repaired right away.