4 Wheel Alignment

Ultra Tune is equipped with the best technology and equipment. We currently have the HUNTER HAWK-EYE ELITE WHEEL ALIGNMENT SYSTEM. The latest in alignment advancement. This technology allows our technicians to ensure that your vehicle drives straight on the road with precision and accuracy, without excess noise or vibration. We can also make adjustments to your race car to push it’s performance to the next level. Our state of the art alignment system does not clamp onto the wheel lip like many budget alignment machines. This allows us to protect your wheels and provides a more accurate measuring point to ensure that you receive the best alignment available.
All of the elements that keeps your vehicle balanced is called an “alignment.” It consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are set to the car maker’s specification. Hitting a pothole, you might knock your suspension out of the carefully calculated specifications. Here are some indications that will tell you your vehicle will require a wheel alignment: